Graduates (Higher Institutions of Learning) as professional drivers?


August 8, 2012 § Leave a Comment


Recently , an advertisement from the Dangote Group asking for university graduates to apply for the post of professional drivers made waves on the internet.

The highlight of it all –  the salary is N500,000 (According to Bella Naija)

That’s a hefty sum of money considering the fact that the minimum wage per month stipulated by the government is just – N18,000 (less than £100) 

This makes this project an admirable one from the Dangote Group as it aims to train youths and pay them well thereby making our roads safer. On August 15 2010,  there was a ghastly accident with one of the heavy duty vehicles under the Dangote group which claimed about 40 lives around Otedola Bridge on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway (May all the souls Rest In Peace)  – so it may be that this is a step ensure that it doesn’t repeat itself in the future. If so, Kudos to them.

However, I can not help but ask – Why has Nigeria turned into this?

Why should youths who have worked hard to obtain a degree from the higher institution take up jobs as drivers? In the good old days of the country, top companies came to scout or head hunt able graduates to take up jobs in their companies with comfortable pay and company benefits. Now we are at an age where we would not be surprised to find out that our butcher has an Msc in Engineering. There are 36 states in Nigeria and since it is a developing country, surely enough jobs could be provided to aid the development of the nation! – What are the Federal and State Government doing to ensure bright futures for our youths?

Might I point out that there is nothing wrong in being a driver, but if you have spent the better years of your life obtaining a degree from the university – should this be your only option left?

Many of the graduates , after hustling through school go YEARS unemployed. Does the government realize what this could do to morale?  Do they realize that this is the primary reason why the crimes rates around the country increase on an hourly basis? If the youth were not idle, where would these useless Boko Haram get their recruits from? Before solving any problem – the sensible thing to do is to admit that there is a problem. Instead of doing this, our so -called politicians go on NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) to sugarcoat whatever their ministry is doing while hiding the fact that they are embezzling billions!

May GOD help us in this country.


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