Great Nigerians – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I came across her first book – ‘Purple Hibiscus’ a few years back and as destiny would have it, I had a reason to re-read it this summer raining season. After finishing it, (in less than 8 hours) I had to get more of this uber talented author. In days to follow, I purchased two other texts by her – ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ and ‘The thing around your neck’. These books were nothing beyond superb. In her books, she is fearless, in fact, she turned me into a sponge – I just kept absorbing more and more of her   writing and could literally not drop any of her books for more than ten minutes. When I googled her to find more about this amazing person who I am proud to call a Nigerian, I was not surprised to find out about her many laurels

(culled from wikipedia).

Awards and selected nominations

In ‘Purple Hibiscus’ and ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’  especially, she explored in great depth, the whimsical politics practiced in our country and the pitiful outcomes which were produced by them.

Other things I salute her for is writing about a period in which she was not even born and venturing into literature after training as a medical doctor!!

She is what happens when a talented person makes use of what God has bestowed on them and she is also, undeniably, a role model for Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora.

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