Nigeria‘Great Nation, Good People.’

This motto is a 101% true about Nigeria. It is a country blessed with ‘rich human and national resources’ , a land evergreen with ever-glowing people thankful for each day which passes.

However, the state of the country is pitiful. We are on the news every other day for one ill doing or the other – be it terrorism , corruption, bad health care, tribalism. The list goes on! It is a SHAME!

It is a SHAME that a country so blessed can be so cursed.

This website was created by a Nigerian , who loves and cares for her nation so much that she is tired of just sitting around, doing nothing while the country and its citizens plummet each day.

On this website, – our main aim is to serve not only as a platform for discussing and observing  the issues which face this country – but to reach out to other people, both young and old who share the love we have for this country and look for ways to elevate ourselves from the state which we are. 

Also, as we observe and discuss the calamities with which we are faced, we should not just focus on the negatives but also on the positives. There are Nigerians out there who are a source of pride and joy to the country and there are developments here and there that should be celebrated and this website would serve as a platform to celebrate and encourage them.

On this note – let us not seat around waiting for ‘magic’ to happen – when we ourselves can be the change we wish to see.



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